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Q.Can I play the game without creating a username in profile?
A. Yes.  However, the points you earn by winning in battle mode will not count toward world ranking.
Q.Is game progress from the Lite version transferrable to the full version?
A.Sorry, but game progress is not transferrable to the full version.
ReversiRoboLite was consolidated into ReversiRobo X Revision.
Q.Is there any plan to release an Android version in the future?
A. Yes.  We are planning to release an Android version, but the release date has not been determined yet. Please wait for the future announcement.
Android version has been released on Jan. 13, 2012.
Q.The license error screen appears, and I am unable to play. (Android Version)
A.The license error screen appears when the app attempts to validate the purchase but receives an unsatisfactory answer from the Google Play Store.Please check the following items:
  • Is it connected to a network correctly?
  • Is your Google ID in your device the same as the Google ID that was used for the purchase?
If you answered yes to the above questions, you may be able to clear the error by trying below:
  • Clear the cache of the Google Play Store app.
  • Uninstall Google Play Store update.
Q.How can I increase the number of characters that can be used in Battle Mode?
A. You will gain more characters as you clear each map. You may also obtain some character during special events.

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