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For ReversiRobo (Ver.1.1.5 and older) users: Data Transfer Guide

We have released a free app, ResersiRobo X Revision, as a replacement of the paid ReversiRobo app.

Those who have purchased ReversiRobo (Ver.1.1.5 and older) are still able to play the game, but this app will no longer be updated. Please consider transfering data into ReversiRobo X Revision by following the steps below.

Step 1
Ensure both ReversiRobo and ReversiRobo X Revision apps are installed on your device.
*ResersiRobo needs to be updated to the latest version, Ver.1.1.5
Step 2
In the ReversiRobo app, tap the "Backup data for Transfer to RRXR" button under the PROFILE screen.
Step 3
An authentication code appears once the data transfer is done. Please copy or write down this code.
Step 4
Within 30 minutes of completing step 3, open ReversiRobo X Revision and tap the "Import data from RR" button under the PROFILE screen.
Please start from Step 2 if more than 3 minutes has passed.
Step 5
You will be asked to enter your authentication code. Please enter the code from Step 3.

Data transfer is now complete.

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