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About ReversiRobo

ReversiRobo is a 4-player combat Reversi that contains a story mode and a battle mode.

You can play against the computer in story mode and with other players from all over the world.You’ll be able to use a special move once you fulfill certain requirements during battle. Be aware that each character has a different special move. A key to win a battle is to not only understand the characteristics of special moves, but to also not let your opponents use special moves!

Points you earned from battles affects your world ranking.Strive to be the best player in the world!

Other Information (external site)

ReversiRobo X Revision

  • スマホゲームレビュー広場
  • andronavi
  • Google play
  • appszoom
  • Ketchapp!
  • アンドロイダー


  • アプリゲット

ReversiRobo Lite

  • アプリスタ
  • アンドロイダー
  • meetroid